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Aimful Careers

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What the heck are the Aimful Companies? 

Hi, I’m Eric Lundberg and I lead a team that runs 4 Real Estate related companies; each dedicated to helping real estate owners and investors do better in Milwaukee.  Our local Association, The Milwaukee REIA has more than 500 active investors.  Our house buying (and selling) company is Sell Now Wisconsin, and we’ve been fixing and flipping houses across southeast Wisconsin for more than 15 years.  Rounding out our business is our local mentoring and coaching business raising up new investors in the Milwaukee area and helping them achieve the same sort of successes we’ve had in our business.

Why are we trying so hard to hire the right YOU?

We have ambitious goals for 2022 and we need your help to get there.  We bought or sold a real estate deal every 8 days in 2021 and we’re shooting to double that next year.  The REIA members are doing better than ever, but we want to do an even better job of connecting them with the resources they need to succeed.  Finally, communicating all this to our ever-growing audience is a full-time job; so we’re excited to add this role to our team.

Why work for the the Aimful Companies?

Our team runs under 5 core values, but our foremost Core Value is Work Better, Live Better.  We value family and work life balance, including generous paid time off. To make that possible and still be profitable, we work harder, smarter, and more productively than most when we are “on the clock” so we can truly “clock out” when we are gone.  If you’re an “A” player, you’ll enjoy our fast pace, big impact, and amount of fun we can have.  And you’ll love how much you can get paid in the process!

How does our application process work?

Take a few minutes and read our descriptions.  If it sounds like something you’d be interested in; answer a few basic questions and we’ll follow up with more information and a chance to talk further.

Thanks for taking the time to read this much, I look forward to meeting soon


– Eric Lundberg


Open Positions:

Currently no job offers available.